CVA Cascade Rifle .243 Win 4rd Magazine 22″ FDE Barrel

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CVA Cascade Rifle .243 Win 4rd Magazine 22″ FDE Barrel Mossy Oak Bottomland


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The CVA Cascade Rifle in .243 Winchester is a top-tier choice for hunters and shooting enthusiasts who prioritize precision and durability in their firearms. Equipped with a 4-round magazine this rifle ensures a balance between capacity and ease of handling. The rifle's 22-inch barrel expertly crafted is ideal for those seeking accuracy and performance in varied hunting environments.

Designed to excel in the great outdoors the rifle features a Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage finish. This not only adds to the rifle's aesthetic appeal but also provides practical benefits for hunters allowing for better concealment in a natural environment. The CVA Cascade's bolt-action mechanism is smooth and reliable offering quick and efficient cycling that hunters can trust in critical moments.

The .243 Winchester caliber of this rifle is renowned for its versatility making it suitable for a range of hunting activities from small to medium-sized game. It’s a preferred choice for those who need a combination of manageable recoil and effective performance. The rifle's ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling even during extended periods in the field.

For added convenience the rifle is compatible with a variety of optics allowing shooters to customize their setup according to their preferences and needs. The CVA Cascade .243 Win rifle is a testament to quality craftsmanship blending functionality with advanced technology to create a rifle that stands the test of time and terrain.

  1. Precision .243 Winchester Caliber for Versatile Hunting.
  2. Durable 22-Inch Barrel for Enhanced Accuracy.
  3. Convenient 4-Round Magazine Capacity.
  4. Mossy Oak Bottomland Camouflage for Optimal Stealth.
  5. Ergonomic Design with Smooth Bolt-Action Mechanism.



Connecticut Valley Arms / CVA

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CVA Cascade Rifle .243 Win 4rd Magazine 22" FDE Barrel Mossy Oak Bottomland

61 in stock